Bilvatech, builds process and content management software that closes the information gaps that exist throughout every organization. Powered by the financial strength and global reach, Bilvatech offers a complete set of process and content management software technology, including:
Business process management.
Enterprise content management.
Intelligent data capture.
Enterprise and federated search.
Integration technology.
Powerful tools used alone, but when combined with Perceptive’s keen understanding of your people, processes and applications, they become transformational solutions to your biggest business challenges.
Why we do what we do
The inflexibility of big enterprise software limits its ability to accommodate all the facets of how people do business, causing gaps in the form of uncontrolled processes and unstructured data. By integrating the right mix of process and content management with enterprise software applications and extending their reach to all vital processes and data, Perceptive solutions provide a complete view of the information needed to perform the business at hand—whether that’s processing a vendor invoice, addressing a student’s request, completing a physician order or evaluating the efficiency of your business at the executive level.
We perform better together
Bilvatech knows that giving employees room to breathe gives us a competitive edge. We foster a sense of camaraderie, not just "working relationships" that end at 5 p.m. As the company grows, we stay focused on serving our customers' needs and everyone is entrusted with that core responsibility. Every meeting, phone call and e-mail is an important opportunity to strengthen relationships and make a direct impact on the company's success.
At Perceptive, how we perform together is as important as the products we develop. Our team is effective because we support and learn from each other. We value insight from all areas of the company, as well as from our customers and partners, to help us continue creating the most valuable software tools that make people’s work lives easier.